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Meme STOCKS Surge, Tragedy Strikes ja Blinkeni ööklubi MUSICAL debüüt: Trump Hush Money Trial avalikustati šokeerivad üksikasjad

In day 17 of the Trump hush money trial, Michael Cohen’s cross-examination revealed shocking details. Speaker Mike Johnson’s presence marked a pivotal moment in US politics. Cohen exposed fake receipts and blind loyalty in Trump’s scheme.

The US is finalizing a pier to abi Gaza by sea, despite looming dangers. A cargo ship causing the Baltimore bridge collapse faced power issues. A wildfire in western Canada prompts more evacuations.

Meme stocks surge again, sparking interest with potential differences this time. An American detained in France over a 2021 warrant for a disturbing Facebook message. Rory McIlroy files for divorce ahead of the PGA Championship.

A tiny baby weighing just over one pound at birth leaves an Illinois hospital. Tragedy strikes as eight die and many are injured in a bus accident in Florida. Bumble faces backlash over ads mocking celibacy.

Amid tensions, Blinken showcases musical talents in Kyiv nightclub appearance. NYC-Dublin sidewalk portal temporarily closes due to inappropriate behavior. Skirmishes erupt in Georgian Parliament during heated discussions.

Astronomers discover vast planet-forming materials around young star, hinting at new worlds forming. Google introduces AI search capabilities raising hopes but stoking fears about web traffic reduction.

Iisrael celebrates its founding anniversary amidst ongoing challenges and conflicts with neighbors. Primaries in Maryland and West Virginia will shape Senate majority battles this fall with notable candidates vying for seats.

Star witness Michael Cohen implicates Trump further in hush money scandal revelations during trial proceedings while suggesting Chinese migrant army conspiracy theories stir controversy among migrants themselves — shaping political discourse on immigration policies — as EU demands answers from Eurovision organizers about flag ban — igniting diplomatic tensions with bloc members — amid escalating conflict between Palestinians and Israeli forces — underscoring complex geopolitical dynamics — as protests erupt over controversial laws passed by Georgia parliament — highlighting internal political strife within the nation.